To be immersed in Heather’s work is to experience the natural world at a visceral, almost preconscious, level.  Each painting forms a snapshot into the shadowy world of her own cognitive landscape.  Her work combines a farrago of textures and media—watercolour, acrylic, pastel, ink, conte— into delicate layers that echo a dream-like state, with intentional detail superimposed upon these transient landscapes.

Her work is created by instinct, like telling a story through her own perception of the natural world, almost as if through a filter of her unconscious mind.  Drawing and painting are the eternal journeys whereby she measures the relationships between herself and the natural world.  Marks, lines, dots, elements, shapes, the shifting seasons: these familiar subjects and processes serve as transient yet consistent touchstones. She is inspired by the eternally shifting bouquet of colours, textures and shapes, and memories of visited locales and current surroundings.

Works on Paper

Works on Canvas